Customer Blogs and Reviews

Looking for some authentic reviews? Read what it’s like to build a Wayne Home on these unbiased blogs created by actual buyers.

  • Sweat the Details

    By: Ryan and Lauren Glinn

    Floor Plan: Custom

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  • Building the Forever Farm

    By: Greg and Katie Fleming

    Floor Plan: Jamestown

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  • The House on Willow

    By: Josh and Lacey Haas

    Floor Plan: Montgomery and Jamestown

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  • Let's Build a House!

    By: Mindi Arnesen

    Floor Plan: Saratoga

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  • Homebuilding 101

    By: Rob Hoffman

    Floor Plan: Charleston

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  • Our New Build

    Floor Plan: Somerville

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  • The New Crib

    By: RL and Cindy Sanders

    Floor Plan: Bennington II

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  • Building Our Dream - Our Build

    By: Bryan and Miranda Wilson

    Floor Plan: Hampton

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  • Perry Forever Home

    By: Joseph and Tabitha Perry

    Floor Plan: Jamestown

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  • Building Our (Wayne) Home

    By: M & B

    Floor Plan: Montgomery

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  • Review – 8 Reasons I Chose Them

    By: Chris Holdheide

    Floor Plan: Cumberland

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  • Our Build with in Westlake, Ohio

    By: Donald & Jennifer V

    Floor Plan: Custom Hampton

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  • Our Home Building Journey with

    By: Josh S

    Floor Plan: Cedar Hill designed much like the Covington

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  • A Builder's Journey

    By: Roger Smith

    Floor Plan: Jamestown Craftsman

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