Energy Smart Guarantee

We’ll predict how much energy you’ll use annually to heat and cool your Wayne home (relatively little). If you use more, we’ll pay the difference for the first two years.

Why build an efficient home?

So you stay cooler in the summer. Warmer in the winter. And happier on the days you pay your utility bills. To reduce carbon emissions and leave a healthier planet for your kids. To add lasting value to your home. In other words, our Energy Smart Guarantee is just our way of saying we care.

Energy-efficiency comes standard:

  • Pella® or Silverline® low-e windows
  • Carrier® 96% efficiency two-stage furnace
  • R-49 ceiling insulation
  • R-15 wall insulation
  • Dow™ insulating exterior wall sheathing or OSB exterior sheathing
  • Rex Wrap™ weather-resistant housewrap

We also offer ways to make your home even more efficient. And we put it all together so tight you can practically turn your home upside down and fill it with water.

Energy-Star Efficiency

Energy Star certified since 1997, has led the charge locally toward ever more energy-efficient homes. With over 40 floor plans, each is available with high-performance windows, superior insulation, and cutting-edge, energy-efficient HVAC systems and appliances.

We’re committed to building energy efficient homes that are uniquely and collectively pleasing to the eye, the wallet and the environment.

*If OSB exterior sheathing is selected over the Dow™ insulating exterior wall sheathing, the Energy Smart Guarantee is voided.

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