Custom Cabinets - Great Debate
Oct 18, 2018 Custom Home Design

The Great Debate -- Cabinet Choices

Natural wood or painted? Shaker or modern? Farmhouse or traditional? We could be talking about the exterior of your future dream home, but in this case, we’re actually talking about cabinets, and the wide range of choices available to you when you build through Wayne.

Custom cabinetry is a must for our homeowners, and it’s easy to understand why when you see the difference they can make. Cabinets are the face of your kitchen and are probably the single most defining characteristic that gives your kitchen it’s unique look and feel. Light or dark, wood or painted, and all those styles to choose from… the possibilities are virtually endless, but our team is here to help you decide which combination of looks and styles makes the most sense for you and the overall look and feel of your dream home. Let’s run through some things to consider when taking on this great debate!

Theme of your home:

Is your home more in the modern style, or does it emulate a farmhouse look? Do you prefer traditional styles overall, or a simpler, country chic decor? Whatever style your house is, you should probably continue that style in your choice of kitchen cabinets, lest you create a disjointed style lacking flow.


Our team is on hand throughout the entire building process to help you keep every detail into consideration, including budget. All our cabinets are high-quality, of course, but the prices vary, so if sticking to a certain budget in the kitchen is at the top of your list of requirements, we can help you compare the costs of different looks and find one that fits your style AND your budget.


Is your kitchen a massive family hub where you anticipate spending a lot of time, or are you a smaller family who eats out more often? If you love to cook and need plenty of cabinet space for your various wares, that’s something to consider, because a certain style of cabinet might look good in a smaller space but fade out in a larger one.


Some love the look of natural wood, while others prefer a painted style that allows them to bring whatever color they want into their kitchen. Some like a more durable laminate while others dig the more age-old traditional wood. There’s no wrong answer here, but like when you considered the overall theme of your home’s style, you should consider which look — natural or painted , and if natural, which stain– makes the most sense when balanced against the overall aesthetic of your house. Here at Wayne, we offer oak, birch, maple, and cherry for wood. Each of these comes in several different styles and stains and paint colors!

Dark or light:

Ah, the age old question. Light cabinets can make a smaller kitchen feel larger, and also create a lighter, brighter look in the absence of natural light. But, they show dirt and stains more easily. Darker cabinets are a statement piece that will create a more dramatic look, especially when paired with a stunning countertop, but they can also make the wrong space feel closed-off and cramped. Consider, though, one of the most trendy possibilities: dark cabinets on top, light on bottom, or vice versa!

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the cabinet style that makes the most sense for your home, but the great thing is, we have experts on hand to help guide you through the process… and, you have the option to change them later on if you want!

Talk to one of our design consultants today to learn more about how we can create the picture-perfect cabinet look in your future kitchen.

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