Highlighting our talented realtors

At Wayne, we know that creating a positive, enjoyable home buying and building process goes beyond just what our immediate team does every day. We also work with countless professionals across the home buying industry, and strive to make connections with quality professionals as often as we can.... [read more]

What you should know about the current state of mortgage rates

As much as we might like to focus solely on the fun part of the homebuilding business — that is, building amazing homes! — there are many other factors that we as an industry leader and you as a homebuyer need to consider. Changing mortgage rates and information from the Fed are just a few of... [read more]

Discover the brand-new 4-bedroom Columbia floorplan!

It feels a bit like Christmas in July here at ladic.info, because we’re just itching with excitement to share some incredible news: we’re rolling out a brand new floor plan, one we know countless families will absolutely love! Meet the Columbia, a classic 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home that makes a... [read more]

Must-haves for a modern laundry room

Some might think of the laundry room as a bit of a throwaway space, but at ladic.info, we know there’s no such thing. For busy families, the laundry room is a bustling spot, and depending on where it’s located, it could double as a mudroom, owner’s entry, gear closet… or a combination... [read more]

The multi-level Meridian virtual tour

It’s important as a home builder to always be evolving. Trends and styles change, and so do the needs of families throughout the years. What worked in the 70s may not work so well today, especially as more and more families welcome extended family and older relatives into their homes for extended... [read more]

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