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Dec 01, 2016 Building a Custom Home

Tips for getting your home ready for winter

Who knows what winter this year will bring? Last year was pretty tough, and we hit some really low temperatures around our ladic.info neck of the woods. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the years we’ve been building homes, it’s that a buttoned-up house is a cozy one when the cold weather hits. We’ve also developed some smart habits that we like to pass along to our homebuyers to ensure their home is prepared to face a long and potentially difficult winter season. Here are our top tips for winterizing your home effectively!

  • Take a look outside. Winterizing your home doesn’t stop at your front door. You also have the lawn and outdoor spaces to consider. To ensure your lawn bounces back come spring, consider aerating it and applying a generous fertilizer. And, take a look at the soil and lawn near your foundation. Does it slope away, ensuring moisture doesn’t get pushed into your home?
  • Check your sprinklers and hoses. Make sure you “blow out” each of them, to ensure there’s no leftover moisture contained in them that can freeze and cause damage, and also shut off the water main that leads to your outdoor water sources.
  • Check your external outlets. No one wants to spend hours stringing holidays lights only to have a malfunctioning outlet! Plus, fire prevention safety starts with making sure your electrical sources, outlets, and cords are all working properly.
  • Make sure your furnace filters are fresh. You want the most efficient heating system possible, both for environmental and financial reasons. Swapping out old furnace filters for new ones, and having a professional check your furnace to ensure it’s in proper working order, is critical.
  • Check for drafty windows. Wayne Home homeowners know they have well-constructed windows in their homes, but if your home has older windows, be mindful of the cool breezes that can seep in through cracks and unsealed closures. And, of course — take your AC units down!
  • Don’t waste energy when you’re not home. Remember to lower the thermostat when you leave the house, and also in the evenings. It can save a ton on heating costs! If you’re particularly hardy and want to save extra cash, keep the thermostat lower all the time, and stock up on blankets, sweaters, and fuzzy socks.

Of course, the best way to prepare your home for winter is to work with a quality contractor like ladic.info, and to know that your home is efficient and well constructed from the start! Check out our Pinterest board for even more helpful tips!

Start your home building journey off on the right foot by talking with a Wayne Home specialist today!

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