Great Debate Farmhouse or Craftsman
Jul 31, 2018 Custom Home Design

The Great Debate: Craftsman or Farmhouse Style?

Choosing the style of your home includes the exterior too, which is why the team at offers our customers a whole host of options, from traditional looks to more modern ones, from simple to ornate, and everything in between. The beautiful thing? You can customize each specific look to your own specifications, so you’re sure to achieve exactly what your heart desires!

Two popular styles of home exterior design, or elevation as we call it in the industry, are Farmhouse style and Craftsman style. At first glance, these looks might appear to be similar, but there are some pretty distinct differences to consider if you’re choosing one or the other for your home. Let’s dive into this great debate and take a look at the similarities, differences, pros, and cons of each.

The Craftsman

One thing to note is that both of these looks are not only stunning, they are classic as well, which means you really can’t go wrong with either! The differences, though, should help you lean one way or another. For example, a Craftsman style home includes:

  • Horizontal siding as well as shake siding
  • Tapered columns for a classic look
  • Large, covered porches great for lounging
  • Dormers on roof
  • Gable pediments
  • Stone wainscotting for added style

The Farmhouse

The most popular colors for this style of home include Tuscan clay and beige hues, browns, grays, greens, and similar colors. In contrast, some of the distinct characteristics of the include:

  • Board and batten vertical siding
  • Simple, gabled roofs
  • Wood-look columns for a farm-esque look
  • Metal accents like aluminum railings and other metal touches

The most popular colors for Farmhouse homes include white with black or gray accents as well as generally monotone color schemes. Folks who enjoy this style often add a pop of color for character, like a classic bright red door!

Farmhouse homes also have large, beautiful covered porches and gable pediments, just like Craftsman style homes. While there are some beautiful similarities between these two styles, each has its own unique look and feel to consider. Which do you like best?

We have many styles to choose from for your future homes’ elevation; give us a ring today to learn more about your options!

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