Come See the Cedar Hill at its FIRST Open House!

We’ve written a lot recently about new elevations, revamped floorplans and exciting updates to our roster of custom homes. Nothing like a brand new year to really ramp things up! Today, we’re excited to announce an open house for one of our brand new custom floorplans. On Sunday, January 24 at... [read more]

Giving back this holiday season with

Building homes is a rewarding field to be in. Handing the keys over to a brand new homeowner and watching them walk into their completed custom home for the first time is a pretty amazing experience, and is one we get to enjoy regularly here at We’ve enjoyed making our customers’... [read more]

Introducing the new and improved Brookline II

Part of the reason we’re consistently rated as one of the best homebuilders in the area – and a favorite among our customers – is our commitment to always improving. In an ever-changing industry like homebuilding, that’s a critical trait, and one we take very seriously! Always improving... [read more]

Creating a home that reflects your unique life

One-size-fits-all is a completely acceptable method of doing business for some industries. Some clothing suppliers focus on this model, which can help save money and make creating products easier and faster. There’s less to do when every one of your customers is the same! The reality, though, is... [read more]

Designing the Perfect Master Suite

Over the last few months, we’ve shared posts with tips and suggestions for designing the perfect girl’s room, crafting a boy’s room your son would love, and designing a guest room to delight and relax your guests. We haven’t overlooked the heads of the household though, so we’re going to... [read more]

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