Hosting a stress-free Super Bowl party

Whether your family is rooting for the Denver Broncos, the Carolina Panthers, or you’re a house divided for Super Bowl 50, everyone can agree that a good Super Bowl party is a wayto not only enjoy the game, but to enjoy the company of family and friends while snacking on some delicious food.... [read more]

Meet the Wayne Team: Our CAD Department

In the past, we’ve shared some insight into the inner workings that keep the team functioning and moving forward day by day. You met our dedicated customer care team in an earlier edition of our Meet the Team series, and saw how their focus on excellence and providing a quality... [read more]

Floorplan Refresh: The Bennington

Just because the snow is falling and the days are still short doesn’t mean we’re sitting back waiting for spring to get moving here at! Lots of us pursue some life “updates” once the first of the year rolls around – it’s a good time to refocus on goals and get a fresh start.... [read more]

Hosting the Perfect Book Club in Your Home

After the intensity and excitement of the holidays, January and February can feel a bit like the doldrums. The lights come down, the decorations go away, and the house can seem pretty quiet as things go back to normal. It is possible to keep the social fun of the holidays going throughout the... [read more]

Come See the Cedar Hill at its FIRST Open House!

We’ve written a lot recently about new elevations, revamped floorplans and exciting updates to our roster of custom homes. Nothing like a brand new year to really ramp things up! Today, we’re excited to announce an open house for one of our brand new custom floorplans. On Sunday, January 24 at... [read more]


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