The Great Debate: Front or Back Porch?

Porch sitting is an all-American pastime that prompts the great debate–do you favor a front or back porch? Read the pros and cons of both, and you decide! Front Porch: Adds curb appeal Provides outdoor living space Helps you connect with neighbors Not private Depending on home layout, space may... [read more]

Take the Home Personality Quiz!

What’s your Home Personality? Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but knowing your Home Personality will reveal what’s most important to you in your home now…or in your next home. Our Home Personality Quiz will ask you a handful of questions to uncover your unique Home Personality. The... [read more]

Changing It Up: What's New with

Change is good for the soul, and that’s why at, we are always evolving. We routinely survey our homeowners to keep up with what’s important to them. Home design is constantly changing, so we make sure to stay current with updates to our floor plans and elevations. Two of our... [read more]

Cottage Chic Made Easy

When you think “cottage chic”, images of white-washed walls, comfy couches, cozy fabrics, and warm lighting may come to mind. This interior design style is popular because of the welcoming atmosphere it creates in your home. Want to know how to achieve cottage chic in your home? The [read more]

Outdoor Space Face Off: Sunroom vs. Patio

Are you Team Sunroom or Team Porch/Patio? If you’ve taken our Facebook poll, you’ll discover whether you are in the majority or minority, but let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each. Sunroom Year-round use – since the space is indoors, it’s warm in the winter and cool in the... [read more]

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