Designing the Perfect Master Suite

Over the last few months, we’ve shared posts with tips and suggestions for designing the perfect girl’s room, crafting a boy’s room your son would love, and designing a guest room to delight and relax your guests. We haven’t overlooked the heads of the household though, so we’re going to... [read more]

Explore the Sandusky Legacy model -- from your couch!

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and before we all know it, we’ll be ringing in the new year with friends and family. It’s a hectic time of year for all of us — that goes without saying! That said, it can often be hard to find time at any point throughout the year... [read more]

Cozy and Safe for the Winter

There’s nothing quite like getting cozy inside a toasty warm house while the wind and snow blows outside. Come spring, most of us are eager to get outdoors, but this time of year is perfect for indoor family gatherings and cozy cups of tea by the fireplace. Unfortunately, winter inherently means... [read more]

New Year's Resolutions for Your Dream Home

We all know the typical New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, eat better, quit a bad habit, spend more time outside, delegate more at work… all worthwhile goals, no doubt! But what if you shook things up this year and focused on making your home “healthier” in 2016? Here are some ideas for... [read more]

New Year, New Home: Three Key Market Predictions

Anybody who has paid attention to the news the last few years or so knows that the home buying and building market can be both hard to predict and quick to change. If you’ve been thinking about building a new home and are wondering what the market will look like in 2016, you’re not alone. As we... [read more]


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