Choosing the perfect floorplan for your family

Cookie cutter home builders often offer the same few floorplans no matter what a family’s needs or future plans may be. That’s one thing that really sets apart from other home builders: a desire and ability to provide you with a customized experience, so you end up with the perfect... [read more]

Introducing the Spacious Brentwood

Coming up with smart, new ways to arrange a floorplan is what keeps our team on their toes. It also keeps the creative juices flowing; there are pretty much an endless array of opportunities for arranging a floorplan, and it’s fun and imaginative to think about how a small tweak (or a big one!)... [read more]

Design Trends: A Stunning Craft Room

While we highlight square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms often, homes are much more than those numbers! Many of the floorplans we offer at include a flex space that many of our families like to use for a craft room space. You can see some craft room ideas at... [read more]

Open House opportunities at the McAllister!

Having an opportunity to step foot in a home that’s being built by a homeowner is an invaluable experience on your home building journey. Photos, color swatches and granite tile samples can only do so much. It’s a lot more illuminating to actually step inside a completed home to see how it... [read more]

Home Design Trends: Kitchen Cabinets

While some things about home design stay pretty consistent year over year – and even decade over decade – there’s plenty of room for customization, and incorporation of the latest trends, when it comes to building your home with the team. Today, we’re taking a look at trends in... [read more]


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