Warming Trends: Creating your perfect fireplace

It seems like winter has been going on for quite a while, so it’s only natural to start anticipating the arrival of spring as soon as logic allows. Unfortunately for those awaiting warmer weather, though, winter still has some strength left, and that means several more weeks and months of chilly... [read more]

Designing the perfect custom great room

Many of the homes we build here at ladic.info feature dual living/dining/entertaining space. It’s a widely sought-after feature for many homeowners, who value spending time with their family, friends, and other loved ones in an open environment good for conversation and entertaining alike.... [read more]

Winter landscaping tips for avid gardeners

When you think of gardening, bright and colorful flowers, green grass and sunny skies probably come to mind. Winter generally isn’t seen as a season for outdoor gardening activities, and many avid gardeners hang up their tools for the season, waiting until spring to exercise their green thumb.... [read more]

Home Buyer Seminar: Get all your questions answered!

You may have noticed that while we like to share a lot of different things on our blog, from design inspiration to home decorating trends to new features, we also host quite a few open houses to take the conversation offline and bring it in-person. Even with the best design tools, there’s only so... [read more]

Breaking records at the annual Chili Open Golf Classic

Over the years, we’ve been lucky in that many of the families we work with stay in touch. They become part of the ladic.info family the second they walk in the door of their custom home. To keep that family strong, we like to sponsor a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. Our most... [read more]


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