Home Design Trends: Kitchen Cabinets

While some things about home design stay pretty consistent year over year – and even decade over decade – there’s plenty of room for customization, and incorporation of the latest trends, when it comes to building your home with the ladic.info team. Today, we’re taking a look at trends in... [read more]

Charming Choices Under 1,600 Square Feet

Offering a wide range of home options is important to us at ladic.info, because we know that no two families are the same. That said, there are some types of homes that are great options for families looking to move into their first home or downsizing from a larger existing home. For many, this... [read more]

Speedy Spring Cleaning Tips

Ah, spring. What a wonderful time of year! Not to be stereotypical, but spring time is truly the perfect time to take a look at your “spring cleaning” habits and assess what’s working, what’s not, and what you could change this time around. Spending hours and hours doing a seasonal overhaul... [read more]

Our most popular FAQs

Working one on one with our customers is a large part of our success at ladic.info. We know how important it is to create a customized, personal experience; after all, how can you create a custom, personal home without it? That said… there are definitely some common questions that we see a lot!... [read more]

Home Feature Series: The Power of Paint Color

We often talk about the various ways you can make a house into a home, whether it’s through special elevation features on the outer facade, a stunning contemporary fireplace in your great room, a gorgeous set of new cabinets, or a great patio space perfect for entertaining family and friends. One... [read more]


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