Realtor Open House Event in Sandusky

A lot of our blog posts are focused on the homebuilder’s journey, and on providing insight, tips, and industry knowledge to make your home building decisions easier. Another population we interact quite a bit with, though, are realtors. We develop close relationships with local realtors, who are... [read more]

Enter our 7th Annual Landscaping Contest!

Building a beautiful home, the home of your dreams in fact, goes beyond paint colors, cabinetry and flooring – though all of that is very important! Curb appeal, or the outer appearance of your home and the land surrounding it, plays a big role in the look and feel of your home as a whole.... [read more]

The Mother's Day Home Wish List

With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it might be a good idea to focus on the rooms mothers most often find important in their homes, and how to arrange and style them for maximum enjoyment! We know no two mothers aren’t alike, and some may find other rooms in their home to be more important,... [read more]

The Benefits of a Custom Finished Basement

An often overlooked but extremely useful space within the home is the basement. Unfortunately, some families never get a chance to enjoy this space, leaving it unfinished and basically a storage space for seasonal items, hand-me-downs, and more. At, every single one of the homes we... [read more]

Meet the Team: The Estimating Department

An important part of the home building puzzle is accurately predicting the quantity of materials necessary to build a new home and what those materials will cost. Enter the Estimating Department. These talented men and women create and provide accurate estimates to our construction... [read more]


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