Rainy Day Fun: Family Activities

Summertime may be the best time of year for outside adventures and activities, but even the most active and outdoorsy families encounter a bad weather day once in awhile. Taking a break from high energy outdoor fun to do some indoor activities is a great opportunity to enjoy your home while having... [read more]

Featured Department: Design Consultants

Creating a custom home that meets our customer’s needs and desires is a complex process, one that requires the thoughtful guidance of a professional. Enter our Design Consultant team! Design is the largest part of their role at ladic.info. A meeting with one of these eight talented women is... [read more]

Why now is a great time to build!

Summertime tends to bring up thoughts of new homes for many prospective home builders, because it seems like everywhere you look, the construction industry is in full swing this time of year. As it turns out, now is a great time to look into building your own home, for a wide range of reasons. For... [read more]

Homes that Bring the Outdoors In

During the summer, owning your own home means more than simply having a place to come back to at the end of a long day. It also means having a place to enjoy what the warm weather and outdoors have to offer during the sunniest and most pleasant months of the year. At ladic.info, some of our... [read more]

Throwing the perfect 4th of July bash

Owning your own dream home is wonderful year round, but it’s especially great during the summertime, when opportunities for outdoor activities and get togethers are more plentiful. Having an indoor/outdoor entertaining space, such as a sunroom, porch or deck (or perhaps all three!) is an ideal... [read more]


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