Introducing the new Hampton elevations!

Sometimes simple really is best. That’s what you get with the classic Hampton floorplan, a much-loved design that is adaptable to a wide variety of uses and families. Our overall goal when we designed the Hampton was to figure out a way to make every day living easier and more comfortable. To do... [read more]

The 2016 Landscape Contest Winners!

Summer time is a great time for a lot of things, from backyard barbecues to family vacations to at-home staycations. It’s also one of the most beautiful times of the year, with flowers in full bloom and lawns and grass showing off their greenery at full peak. That makes it the perfect time for a... [read more]

The philosophy behind our beautiful model homes

Model homes are our way, here at, to get prospective home owners to truly see and feel what the inside of a home is like. Pictures, swatches and virtual tours all have their place, but nothing really compares to actually being inside a home. That said, we know some of... [read more]

Rainy Day Fun: Family Activities

Summertime may be the best time of year for outside adventures and activities, but even the most active and outdoorsy families encounter a bad weather day once in awhile. Taking a break from high energy outdoor fun to do some indoor activities is a great opportunity to enjoy your home while having... [read more]

Featured Department: Design Consultants

Creating a custom home that meets our customer’s needs and desires is a complex process, one that requires the thoughtful guidance of a professional. Enter our Design Consultant team! Design is the largest part of their role at A meeting with one of these eight talented women is... [read more]


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