Discover the Annapolis at our upcoming Open House!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how it’s open house season here at, but indulge us for just a little bit longer, because it really is like Christmas for us! We love open house season because it’s such a prime opportunity for prospective home buyers to really get a... [read more]

Paint: It matters more than you think!

It’s no secret that there are certain things about a home that will make it more or less attractive to prospective buyers. High-end touches, luxury kitchens, and spa-like bathrooms are high on the list of big ticket items than can draw a big ticket asking price. DId you know, though, that smaller... [read more]

Feature Series: Our Talented Realtor Partners

We often share with you a deeper look inside the various departments at Wayne, profiling individuals in those departments so that you might better understand what goes into the whole operation of our business. Beyond the internal workings of our company, though, we have lots of outside partners who... [read more]

Sandusky Design Studio Event Recap

We wrote recently about the exciting and busy model home season that’s now underway here at One such event, a major overhaul and unveiling of our Sandusky Design Studio, recently took place late last month, and we’d like to share how it went and some of the great connections we... [read more]

Our Open House Season is in Full Swing!

Sweet summertime! The best time of the year, for many, and perfect for lots of things: vacations, staycations, backyard BBQs, outdoor game time, and of course… Open House season! We might sound a bit overexcited about this particular “season,” but at, it’s basically the same as... [read more]


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