Meet the Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

Halloween is a special time of year around the universe, and that’s in big part thanks to our annual Halloween Contest, now in its 6th year. We love the opportunity to bring past, present, and future families together, and for such a fun purpose! We got some spectacular... [read more]

Join us at our Belmont Center Meet the Experts event!

We strive to make our website and blog an information-rich resource for our potential customers, and for anyone interested in learning more about the homebuilding process. You can read about homebuilding trends, green building practices, design a virtual home, and tons more! That said, there’s... [read more]

Cycle 2: A look at the details of the homebuilding lifecycle

Here at, we like to look at the homebuilding process in terms of cycles. There are quite a few distinct phases our team and your family go through when we build a dream home, each with their own unique flavor and important objectives. Today, we’re going to look deeper at what we call... [read more]

Winter door decorating inspiration for your home

When you think about preparing your home for winter, chances are you consider all the ways to “button up,” and keep the outdoors from coming in as the temperature drops. There are other ways to welcome winter, though, that don’t involve weatherization, stocking up on shovels, and snuggling up... [read more]

Introducing the hottest kitchen trends this year

A lot of what goes into being a reliable, trusted home builder has to do with consistency. Consistency in the products we use, consistency in the quality of our team, and consistency within our process. You might think that could get boring after a while, right? Thankfully, even though a large... [read more]

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