We Won! Wayne named People's Choice in Metrie contest

Our model center teams put a lot of time and energy into making our model homes a great representation of the way your future home could look. Keeping our model centers in top form isn’t an easy job, and our team does an amazing job creating some beautiful spaces. They utilize some amazing... [read more]

Comparing the Gettysburg and Providence II models

While we have a huge variety of floorplans to choose from, allowing our customers a wide range of options, it’s still true that there are certain floorplans that generate a lot of interest, and for good reason. Two of those floorplans are the Gettysburg and Providence II. You can see the best of... [read more]

Here's what realtors want builders like Wayne to know

There’s a reason ladic.info puts a lot of emphasis on building positive, mutually beneficial relationships with talented and trustworthy realtors in our area. Realtors are absolutely critical to the homebuilding and buying process, and can offer insight you, as someone wanting to build a home... [read more]

Staying warm all winter long with Wayne

It might be cold outside, but if you’re lucky enough to call a Wayne Home, well, home… then you’re feeling nothing but cozy warm! And no, we aren’t talking about typical keep-warm advice like piling on blankets and layering your socks. We’re referring to the steps we take as homebuilders... [read more]

2016 Realtor Rewards Program - A big success!

It takes a village to build a home – literally! And while the team at ladic.info is a varied one, with lots of experience and a wide range of talents, we still rely on partnerships with other professionals in our network to make your home buying, building and moving process a wonderful... [read more]


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