Enter the Slice of Life Video Contest!

Every day, we witness and experience moments that we’d probably like to set aside and revisit from time to time. These slices of life could be anything from a shared laugh with a loved one to a profound moment with a child, a grand accomplishment or a small but meaningful success. Together, they... [read more]

New You, New Home!

The start of a new year is an exciting time that marks both literal and symbolic new beginnings for many of us. Not only do we embark on an opportunity to develop new, better habits and ditch old ones, we also have a chance to think about how we want the next 12 months to go! And of course, the... [read more]

Happy holidays from the ladic.info family!

Thanksgiving gave the team at ladic.info an opportunity to reflect on what we’re grateful for, which is an excellent way to prepare for the craziness — and wonderfulness! — of the holiday season. Going into the holidays with a heart full of gratitude can make typical holiday stresses, like... [read more]

Updating the Essex floorplan to better serve your family's needs

Building homes could be considered a “classic” profession. There’s a lot of tradition and style to be taken into consideration, especially when designing the “elevation,” or facade, of a home. Sometimes tried and true is best, and it’s not a good idea to try and fix what isn’t broken.... [read more]

What's on your home wish list?

As children, many of us made our own Wish List for Santa, hoping he’d bring us the toys and games we’d been pining for all season long. As adults, we know there’s no Santa Claus who will magically show up and leave us with our every desire, but at Wayne, we try to make your home about as... [read more]


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