Our customers share their take on ladic.info

Most of the time, we use our blog to share information about home building trends, new floorplans, ideas for decorating or designing your own home, and other related topics. We’ve also shared stories about the families who choose to build with ladic.info, often times as part of our ongoing... [read more]

Featured Realtor: Jeff Monebrake

Cultivating positive, mutually beneficial relationships with professionals in the home building industry is crucial to creating a successful business. While we have many wonderful people on the ladic.info team, we simply cannot do everything, and must rely upon a wide range of professionals to... [read more]

Newark Finance Seminar: Home financing made easy

When it comes to moving into your dream home, there are a lot of details to think about. Choosing a custom floorplan just scratches the surface of it — there’s also features to choose, designs to consider, a plot of land to find, and for some, the job of selling your current home. One of the... [read more]

The growth of the smart home market and what it means for homeowners

Lots of things in our day to day lives have gotten “smarter” in the last decade or so. From smart phones to fitness trackers, stereo systems to car navigation, the tech revolution is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. One area of our lives that’s witnessing more... [read more]

Keeping your home beautiful, even in winter

Just as winter can take a toll on our bodies — chapped lips, dry skin, and the inevitable bugs that show up from time to time — winter also takes a toll on our homes, too. The constant barrage of cold air, precipitation, wind and other tough elements can be really challenging on the exterior of... [read more]


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