Tips for staying cool as the weather warms up

It feels like we just were sharing our favorite tips for keeping your home warm and your heating costs down. Well, times have changed, and inevitably the temperature gauge is starting to go up. In preparation for the warmer weather, we wanted to share our favorite tips for staying cool as the heat... [read more]

Introducing a new and improved Virtual Tour experience!

At, we try to make it easy and convenient to learn more about the home building process, whether you’re just dipping your toe into the water or you’re absolutely, 100 percent ready to build your dream home now. That means hosting Open Houses, special seminars and events, and keeping... [read more]

Our top landscaping tips — Plus our annual Landscaping Contest!

Spring has truly sprung, and for green thumbs all over America, that means just one thing: it’s time to start planning and prepping for this year’s home beautification! Having stunning curb appeal isn’t just a smart tactic for selling a home. It’s a point of pride for many homeowners, who... [read more]

The rise of LED lighting - How, and why?

If you’re considering a new home this season, chances are you will come across more than one mention of LED lighting in your planning. Once an obscure option, LED lighting is now an extremely popular choice, so much so that we at Wayne are now including LED bulbs for all our light fixtures! If... [read more]

Open House Season is officially here!

The sun is shining, the air is warming, the birds are chirping…. Yup, Spring has arrived (for some more than most!), and at, that means one thing: Open House Season is here! Yes, you read that right: At Wayne, we get so excited about Open Houses that we have our own season for it.... [read more]


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