Creating the perfect patio retreat

Summertime is when lots of us start to think about planning trips and vacations, and getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle of our lives. The thing is, though, those trips only come around a few times a year, and sometimes you need a bit of a break in the meantime to reset and recharge.... [read more]

Top trends in kitchen design

Kitchens present a huge opportunity to inject style, personality, and flair into your home. While other rooms in your home can obviously enjoy their own fair share of style, kitchens are an especially great opportunity for this because of the numerous elements that go into them. From cabinets to... [read more]

Creating your perfect sunroom

A major and popular trend in homebuilding that shows no signs of departing is the concept of bringing the outdoors, in. There are many ways to do this, but at Wayne, we have one much-loved method that our homeowners seem to really appreciate: the creation of a sunroom! Like pretty much everything... [read more]

Join us for our grand reopening at the Delaware Model Home Center!

Model homes provide families with an amazing opportunity to step foot inside a space that could theoretically look a ton like what their own future home might look like. That kind of visualization and experience is invaluable as families consider their future home options. Model homes are also an... [read more]

Our top-rated ranch style floorplans

With so many floorplans to choose from, and the ability to customize all of them to a large degree, you might be surprised to know that even still, some floorplans come out on top with our homeowners. We have two basic layouts — ranch and multi-story — and within the ranch category, certain... [read more]


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