These doors are always open: Door trends for your home

The myriad of custom floorplans the team offers means it’s easy to find a floorplan that will fit your family and your life. The truth is, though, that floorplans are really just the beginning of the home customization process. It’s a bare-bones blueprint that, through working... [read more]

Cheering on the Hens and handing out prizes to our Raving Fans

Every year, the family gathers together to enjoy a great American pastime: eating great food and watching some baseball. This year, we invited our homeowners to join us for our annual Raving Fans event as we cheered on the Mud Hens and met with our Bowling Green office... [read more]

Creating your perfect loft

Lofts are a unique space that add a whole other level and dimension to a home. They’re also incredibly adaptable and flexible spaces that can be ideal for a whole host of possibilities, depending on what your family’s needs and wants are. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas for how to... [read more]

Getting the most out of the virtual tour experience

In a perfect world, a prospective homeowner would have all the time in the world to visit as many model homes as possible. There is, after all, no true substitute for actually walking through a real home. When you do, you have the opportunity to not only get a ‘feel’ for the space, but you can... [read more]

Announcing our Landscape Contest winners!

We do our absolute best to design and build stunning homes, but once we hand over the keys, it’s in the homeowner’s hands to take what we’ve built together and make it their own. One way to do that is through landscaping. Your yard is your face to the neighborhood, and landscaping can go a... [read more]


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