Everything you need to know about a Muddy Boots event

We host a wide range of events here at ladic.info, from model home tours to grand reopenings, Raving Fan get-togethers to realtor workshops, and lots more! One of our favorite types of events to host, though, for several reasons, is a Muddy Boots event. We’re hosting a Muddy Boot on Sunday,... [read more]

The perfect dining space for the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner — we know, hard to believe it’s that time already! — and you know what that means: time to invite family and friends into your home for some incredible meals and equally incredible memories! The dining room and kitchen are the two most frequently used... [read more]

Reasons to embrace multigenerational design

When you’ve been in business for over four decades, you meet a lot of different people with all sorts of families. Big and small, extended or empty nesters; we’ve met and worked with them all, and love learning more about their unique needs and desires in order to build a home perfectly suited... [read more]

Meet our team: Jennifer Neese, Sales Manager

It takes a big team to do what we do at ladic.info. From new home consultants, who work with customers to begin to identify what they need, to sales managers to design consultants and beyond — including the long list of partners we have — there are a lot of folks you’ll meet throughout your... [read more]

The Wayne model home center experience: Why you should stop by!

One of the absolute best ways to get the most authentic feel for a custom floorplan is to walk through an actual home built according to that floorplan. That’s why we encourage our homeowners to visit one (or several!) of our several model home centers – it allows them to see and experience the... [read more]

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