Secrets to home affordability you need to know

For many, buying a home is one of the biggest — if not the single biggest — purchase they make in their lives. For that reason, there is a lot of stress and confusion around affording such a large purchase. The reality is, though, that buying your own home can actually be affordable, often more... [read more]

Discover the 2018 Dog Calendar

Every year we pay homage to one of the lesser recognized members of the family with our annual Dog Calendar. These furry friends are part of what makes home, well, home! We ask our family — a.k.a. those who have built a home with us, or are currently building a home with us — to... [read more]

Introducing our new farmhouse elevations!

Styles change with the times, but even so, there are some classic looks that seem to stick around year after year. One such style is the farmhouse look. It’s an austere, classic style that evokes a sense of calm and dates back to simpler times. Several of our custom floorplans, including the... [read more]

Tips for keeping kids engaged and entertained at your next holiday party

With the holidays comes decorations, the wrapping of presents, and lots and lots of cooking. It also means a full house, parties, and get togethers of all sizes. With family and friends often come children, too, who bring with them their own set of challenges with regards to entertainment. What... [read more]

Meet the Dagres, our Featured Raving Fans of the Month

Lately we’ve been introducing you to some of our Raving Fans, or folks who have had such a great experience with us here at Wayne that they’re happy to share their story to our broader audience. Today we’re excited to introduce you to Joshua and Amanda Dagres, who built their Providence II... [read more]

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