How to find and secure land for your future home

It’s one thing to build a house. Well, actually, it’s a lot of things; it’s laying the foundation, it’s putting up the framework, it’s choosing design elements, and much more. But none of that can happen if you don’t have a place to put it all. That’s why we work closely with our... [read more]

Lighting trends shining bright in 2018

Anyone who’s taken a picture of themselves under harsh fluorescent lighting (or soft, warm lighting) knows firsthand the importance of light when it comes to make a scene look and feel cozy and comfortable! Light can have an incredible impact on a space, and not just in the way it brightens... [read more]

Countertop Trends: Ideas and inspiration for a custom kitchen

One area of the home that’s open to an incredible amount of customization is the kitchen. Cabinets, flooring, drawer pulls, backsplash, even the style of appliances you choose — all of it has a profound impact on the look and feel of a kitchen. One major feature that can completely define the... [read more]

FAQs: The Design Studio Experience

One area of the home building process that many of our homeowners are excited for is the design phase. Many often find, however, that once they get into this phase, there are far more decisions to be made than one might expect, and it can start to get a bit overwhelming! You don’t have to be a... [read more]

Cold weather recipes for your brand new kitchen

Winter may be some peoples’ favorite season, but for most of us, it’s a time for hunkering down, getting cozy, and counting down the days to springtime! There are plenty of ways, though, to make those days go by faster. Enjoying your luxury, open concept kitchen while experimenting with some... [read more]


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