Tips for a perfectly organized closet

At, we try to approach every room in your future home with a pair of fresh eyes. That means no throwaway spaces or “Whatever, just finish it!” comments, even with spaces like closets. It’s easy to approach closet spaces as an afterthought, but with a bit of planning and some... [read more]

Featured Raving Fan: Meet the Frey's!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the business side of building homes, which is why we like to take some time now and again to focus on what really matters: the human side of things! This week, we’re profiling a wonderful family as our Featured Raving Fan; we sat down with them to learn more about... [read more]

Meet the Delaware Team

The team is made up of a veritable family of home building professionals. It takes a village to build homes as often and in as many places as we do! We love getting to know each and every one of the families we work with, so we thought you might like to get to know our family a little... [read more]

Discover the brand new Plymouth floorplan

What kind of personality do you hope your home exudes? What do you want family, friends, and neighbors to feel and think when they cruise up to your front yard and then step inside your home? If projecting a friendly, welcoming atmosphere is important to you, then you should take a look at our... [read more]

Discover your Room Personality with Wayne

Everyone has their own unique personality that reflects the one-of-a-kind combination of traits and quirks only they can call their own. Much like our own personalities, the rooms of a home also have their own personality, one that can be molded and shaped by the design choices that go into it.... [read more]


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