All about siding: Which is right for your home?

Some people might say, siding is just siding. To those people, we say, you don’t build with! Our company offers homebuyers a number of options for the siding on the future home, from the classic to the more ornate to shaker style and beyond. Today, we’re taking a look at... [read more]

Tips and tricks for using wallpaper in your home

Trends have a tendency to come and go over time, and home design is no exception. While there are some trends we’ve seen that we hope to never see again, there are some that we welcome back with open arms, even if they used to be a faux pas. Wallpaper is one of those trends that used to be... [read more]

Creating your own in-law suite with

Today’s family often looks different from the traditional family model of decades ago; more and more, families are opening their homes to extended families, such as aging parents or grandparents, close friends, or extended guests. As a result, the footprint of these homes needs to change to... [read more]

The Great Debate: Hardwood or Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Choices abound when it comes to building your dream home. Colors, cabinets, countertops, and everything in between; there’s an often overwhelming amount of choice, which is why our team is specially equipped to help you navigate this maze of selections. One selection that can have a serious... [read more]

Featured floorplan of the month: The Charleston

Each month, we like to hone in on one specific floorplan, whether it’s one of our newest ones, a long-standing favorite, or a remodel and share more details about it. This gives us an opportunity to really showcase the things that make each and every floorplan unique, while also... [read more]

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