What our customers are saying: Sales team edition

We aim to make the entire homebuilding process, from start to finish, a custom one for each of the families we work with. That means not just making the building and design process unique; it means rethinking the entire sales process too. We’ve revamped our sales process as compared to many other... [read more]

Meet the Michigan Team

Our Hartland team, which you can find at 11600 Highland Road in Hartland, Michigan, is a talented group of professionals with decades of combined experience in home building and selling. Today, we want to introduce you to the team, in case you’re ever in the area and want to stop by and say... [read more]

Featured Floorplan of the Month: The Camden

Each of our unique floorplans has specific features that might fit one family better over another floorplan, but even so, we find that some of our floorplans are popular because of how adaptable and smart they are. One such floorplan is the much-loved Camden, a ranch-style home with nearly 1,700... [read more]

Meet the Somerville II

The families we work with here at ladic.info all want a home that fits them perfectly. For some, that means a lot of square footage, or lots of flex space, or a ranch-style layout, or any number of other things that fit their needs best. Some families put a premium on charm per square foot, and... [read more]

Meet the Kinston (and see it in person!)

There’s nothing quite so exciting — other than handing over the keys to a new ladic.info homeowner, of course, but that goes without saying! — than rolling out our first and only Kinston model for our prospective homebuyers to consider. It’s so fun to explore the possibilities with buyers,... [read more]


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