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Must-haves for a modern laundry room

Some might think of the laundry room as a bit of a throwaway space, but at ladic.info, we know there’s no such thing. For busy families, the laundry room is a bustling spot, and depending on where it’s located, it could double as a mudroom, owner’s entry, gear closet… or a combination thereof!

This space gets a lot of use, so we thought we’d take some time to pay tribute to it, and highlight some of the amenities and features any modern laundry space should have. Does yours have these features?

Smart storage. Because laundry rooms see so much traffic, and often become a repository for various odds and ends that don’t have a place in your home elsewhere, having efficient, effective storage options is a must for this space. Built ins are especially useful in this space, whether that means shoe cubbies, a sports equipment locker, or otherwise.

Custom work and play stations. Because the laundry room is becoming more and more utilitarian, it’s important that the space have dedicated spots for various activities. Folding clothes shouldn’t happen where sports gear is dumped, and bulk food items should be kept away from arts and crafts equipment.

A design you enjoy coming home to. Many laundry spaces double as an owner’s entry. This means they’re highly trafficked and seen very often. Why not enjoy what you come home to? More and more, home designers are choosing to design laundry spaces that blend beautifully with the existing look and feel of the home.

A place for Fido. Laundry spaces are ideal for a dedicated pet space, whether that means a basket of toys, a feeding and watering station, a calm sleeping spot that lets Fido escape from the bustle inside the home, or all of the above. You can even install your own basic grooming station to keep hair and pet messes to a minimum.

Not all homes have ideal layouts for laundry spaces. Here are some of the floor plans Wayne offers that make use of this multi-purpose room.


The garage leads straight to a roomy owner’s entry, which is attached to a dedicated laundry space in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath charmer.


The roomy laundry right off the garage heads straight into the open concept kitchen in this 4 bed, 2.5 bath ranch home.


With more than 3,000 square feet of living space, you need room to store your gear and equipment, and the laundry room in the Meridian – a stunning 5 level home with 4 bedrooms – is the ideal place to do it.


The dedicated laundry space is tucked away and out of sight in this smartly designed 2-story home.

Providence II

The spacious laundry space in this 3 bedroom ranch home doubles as a convenient owner’s entry, and it’s just steps from the airy foyer and open concept kitchen and great room area.

Keep the clutter confined and make your laundry space more useful for everyone in your family with one of these custom floor plans from Wayne. Want to talk to our team about one of them? We’re here to help!

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