Tile Trends

Tile has come a long way from its utilitarian past. These days, you can find tile in a variety of forms, patterns, colors and finishes. Tile is typically used in kitchens, mudrooms and bathrooms, and the newest tile products can really bring personality to each of these rooms. Whatever your style,... [read more]

The Great Debate: Open Concept vs. Defined Rooms

Open concept floor plans have risen in popularity, but some are advocating for a return to more traditional layouts with defined rooms. Where do you stand on this Great Debate? Open floor plans can be great to keep everyone in the conversation or to keep an eye on young kids. Many of our homes have... [read more]

Raving Fan of the Month: The Kosch Family

Our featured Raving Fan of the month is the Kosch family from Thornville, Ohio. Trista and Rob Kosch built their custom Montgomery Family home with our Newark location in 2018. Sue Crow was their New Home Consultant and Zach Ring was their Field Manager (he’s now a Construction Manager at our... [read more]

What to Expect at a Model Home Center

There’s a reason why we always encourage new or potential homebuyers to visit one of our Model Centers. Simply put: Sometimes you just have to see things for yourself. Being a custom, on-your-lot builder, the sky really is the limit when it comes to customizations. To see what we mean by that, we... [read more]

Design Your Home on a Budget

A custom home doesn’t have to break the bank. At ladic.info, we offer a wide range of customizations. The sky really is the limit! But, we also offer cost-effective options that still give you the customization and creativity you want when designing your home on a budget. One easy way to stay... [read more]

Find a Location near you. With 20 model homes throughout the midwest, there's a ladic.info close by.
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